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Steps to Change

How to access help

Psychological treatment is becoming more accessible with a variety of ways available to access psychological advice, support and treatment for anxiety. This can be via:

  • self-help books
  • online treatment programs, sometimes called eTherapy
  • seeing a mental health professional such as a psychologist, in person

You can speak with your GP or a mental health professional about which approach might best suit you.

When to seek professional help

If a mental health problem is affecting your day-to-day life, a psychologist may be able to help. Psychologists are highly trained and qualified professionals, skilled in diagnosing and treating people using techniques based on best available research. Psychologists help people identify and learn to manage the factors that contribute to a range of issues.

Psychologists often see clients individually, but can also include family members to support treatment. 

A medical check-up with a GP is also important to see if a health issue might underlie your symptoms. A GP or other medical specialist might also offer advice and assistance where medication might be of benefit.