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Mr Spock learns to feel

Callum turned 18 whilst in youth detention.

After six months in secure care, his world had been turned upside down. Callum knew he couldn’t go home to the toxic environment that led to his offending, but after years of home schooling and social isolation, he didn’t know how or where to afresh.
Callum was supported by a youth service, which encouraged him to access their resident psychologist, Louise. She was different to people he’d met before. “Do you know who Mr Spock is?” she’d asked. Callum had never been allowed to watch movies. Interested, he started with Star Trek. It was the first step on Callum’s journey of transformation.
Callum began working with Louise as Mr Spock. Able to talk articulately and logically about his emotions, Callum seemed unable to experience them. They used the Spock analogy throughout their journey together. Louise helped Callum unlock and connect with his feelings, as well as challenging his negative thinking habits that were the result of a lifetime of suppressing emotion and being taught to disconnect.
Talking with Louise, Callum gained the confidence to study and undertake work experience. When the employer offered Callum a job, he was honest about his history. Without a clear police check they said that they couldn’t employ him. Callum still turned up to finish his work experience and it turned out that he was given the job anyway.
A determined and inspiring young man, Callum’s opportunity to work with a psychologist helped him turn his life around. Louise still wonders who was changed more by their journey together.

By Emma
APS Psychologist 


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