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Ken grows a moustache

I love my job as a psychologist.

Human beings are fascinating and every day I have the opportunity and privilege to hear a client’s stories and help them through a difficult time.

Sometimes I see them only once, and they choose not to return. Most of the time, I see them on a regular basis, and we build a strong therapeutic relationship and positive change happens.

One of these clients was Ken (not his real name). Ken was referred to see me through Victim’s Services, after his sister was murdered by her husband.

He was deeply depressed, overweight and angry. Over our 20 sessions together, I allowed him to vent his anger at the perpetrator and cry over the loss of his sister.

I empathised with and talked through his depression, encouraged him to challenge his irrational (if understandable) thoughts, helped him to talk about the good times he had shared with his sister and what she was like.

It wasn’t long before Ken’s self-motivation began growing again and he’d soon started gym sessions for the first time ever and was improving his diet.

At the end of therapy, on the one hand, it was sad to say goodbye but, on the other, we celebrated.

We celebrated the fact that he had managed to overcome his depression, had lost weight, was sleeping better and had more energy. He’d even grown a moustache, joining in the Movember campaign, and raised money for men’s mental health issues. To cap it all, he was promoted at work and began helping other men who were facing depression.

I believe in change because, when I walked in Ken’s shoes, he embraced positive change. In fact, he inspired me with his courage to seek help and his commitment to improving his life.

By Annie, APS Member


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